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What People are Saying about TSS's Captioning Services

      "Thank you for the excellent CART services you provided me today. I always appreciate preparation, organization, accuracy, and flexibility — you provided all this and more. CART services allow me to continue to function and participate in "normal" life. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone in need of CART or other communication accomodations. Thank you again and best wishes!"

Jacquelyn Dalton
AAT Workshop Attendee

      "I want to take a few minutes and let you know how your captioning services have enhanced our ministry. We are a small congregation averaging in the mid-thirites in our Sunday Morning worship service. As a small church, we are faced with the challenge of providing a quality ministry with limited resources.

     "The captioning service enables us to accomplish the previously mentioned goal. This innovative service enables a small congregation like ours to provide a more comprehensive Deaf and Hard of Hearing ministry. The technology combined with your friendly staff who have a desire to help others makes for a winning combination. It continues to be a pleasure working with you, and your services are a blessing to our congregation. The Graceland Community Church family thanks you for your participation in our ministry. Although we are a small congregation, I have no doubt that this service would enhance any worship service regardless of the size of the congregation."

Clyde Hamer
Pastor Graceland Community Church
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      "My enjoyment at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater was greatly enhanced by the captioning of the performance. To my surprise, not only was every word of the dialogue available, but the visual display had been creatively produced with color and style. TSS, thank you for pioneering theater captioning in Wisconsin."

Catherine H. Zimmer
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      "I'm a hard of hearing adult who is a CEO of a small agency. I attend small meetings constantly so I situate myself to hear and see the speakers by moving around the room. I also attend regional and national conferences where the audiences are large, the room bounces noise around, and the microphones at best produce fuzzy sounds.

    "This last May I attended a regional meeting where I had real-time captioning. I benefitted immensely from the captioning (and enjoyed the new friend). In interactive workshops I actually knew what was being said, even if people were laughing or having side conversations.

     "The captioning was a lifesaver for me at a regional conference in June. I was the "local talent" presenting 3 workshops with professional trainers. I read the participants questions and responses! (The court reporter and computer were placed at the front of the rooms). At the Plenary sessions, I was able to read the keynote speaker; again a lifesaver. The court reporter was placed as close to the speaker (and me) as possible so he/she was able to hear clearly, which I read on the computer monitor facing me. On the final day of the three-day conference, it was the captioning that kept me on track. I was so tired I couldn't concentrate on the speakers' mouths and body movements and missed all the participants involvement. I just read what was on the computer monitor and at breaks, the court reporter went "back" into the body of the workshops for me to reread the content. Those last two workshops were very important to the future of this agency. I'm grateful to have that information, especially knowing how exhausted I was."

Waukesha, Wisconsin

      "I have used The Speech Source for both interpreting and captioning services. I find them both good. However, I preferred the captioning service since it goes silently without my having to look at the interpreter and captures almost everything in a file format that can be referred to later, if required. Interpreters did a good job, too, but, due to natural human problems, we have to always have two interpreters for doing the interpreting in rounds. Most of these services were done for me for the telephone conferences and in meetings here at Marquette University. I am happy with the services and can recommend [TSS] to anyone."

Engineer and Staff Member
Marquette University
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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