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Sign Language Interpreting...
Spoken Language Interpreting...

. . . is provided by hearing and deaf nationally certified and State verified staff for all needs, including educational, business, medical, mental health, recreational, and religious. TSS also offers classes in American Sign Language by native signers.
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  . . . in Spanish, Hmong, Lao, Thai, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Polish, German, French, Croatian, and Serbian.
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CART Real-Time Stenocaptioning Services..

. . . are provided by nationally certified court reporters for individuals and small and large groups for business, education, live theater, public events, government hearings, political meetings, medical needs, religious life cycle events and worship services, and sporting and entertainment events.We also provide captioned theater services.
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Speech Therapy..

. . . specializing in stuttering prevention and treatment, language and speech development, and accent modification is provided on-site at businesses, homes, and early childhood programs by caring staff.
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A novel for middle readers, parents, and teachers to understand stuttering problems from a child's perspective. . .


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